Troubleshooting a Noisy Air Conditioner

Posted on on March 25th, 2016

The time to test drive your air conditioner for the season is now! Unfortunately, sitting idly all winter long can sometimes have an adverse effect on your unit. Make sure you’re prepared to troubleshoot any surprise sounds that occur when you kick it on for the first time:Rattling sounds are probably the most common when it comes […]

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Does My Air Conditioner Need Maintenance?

Posted on on March 23rd, 2016

Things are warming up and we’re quickly heading into the high season for air conditioner use. If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to start up your AC and make sure that everything is functioning properly before the heat really hits. If you’re unsure if your unit is good to go, or requires […]

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March Air Conditioner Services Specials

Posted on on March 17th, 2016

With spring just days away, we have no doubt that you and your family are anxiously awaiting the warm, sunny days ahead. While spring flowers and sun showers are fresh in your mind, it’s worth it to take this time to start preparing your home for the hottest months of the year. Not only will […]

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How To Choose a Heating & Cooling Contractor

Posted on on March 11th, 2016

Choosing a heating and cooling contractor can be difficult if you’ve never had to deal with one before. That being said, it’s very important to choose the right contractor for the job in order to ensure that your home’s heating and cooling systems run as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. There are a ton of […]

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2 Steps to Choose The Perfect Thermostat

Posted on on March 10th, 2016

Having a proper thermostat is an extremely important feature for any home. The decision that you make in choosing your thermostat can have a tremendous impact on your family’s comfort as well as your home’s energy usage. If you’re in the market for a new thermostat but are not sure where to begin, here are two simple […]

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Tips to Make Your Boiler System Work Better

Posted on on March 8th, 2016

Keeping your home’s heating system running soundly is vital to the health of your family, and the overall well-being of your house. Luckily, there are a few surefire ways to boost your system’s efficiency and increase its lifespan in just a few simple steps.Keep radiators and convectors clean. Dirt can cake on and reduce the efficiency of […]

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The Best Time to Tune Up Your AC is Now

Posted on on March 4th, 2016

As we move through the windy, chilly month of March right into the sun-showering, spring days of April, it’s important to start preparing your home’s central air conditioning system for the warm temperatures that lie ahead. While the thought of kicking on that AC for summer might still be a few months down the road, […]

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The Most Common Places Your Home Loses Heat

Posted on on March 3rd, 2016

Did you know that according to The Washington Post, “the average house — even when well-insulated — contains cracks and gaps between building materials that can add up to a hole about fourteen inches square?” At that rate, it’s no wonder that the warm air produced by your heating system can escape so rapidly. To help […]

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How to Troubleshoot Cold Radiators

Posted on on February 29th, 2016

There’s nothing worse than experiencing issues with your heating system on a cold day, but unfortunately these problems sometimes do occur. If you come home from work to find that every radiator in your home is ice cold, there’s a chance that the issue is with your boiler or heat pump. To help you fix […]

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Thermostat Maintenance Musts

Posted on on February 25th, 2016

Keeping your home at a comfortable climate is extremely important, and there’s no tool more helpful than a working thermostat to do so. However, just like most appliances or fixtures in your home, thermostats need a bit of TLC and maintenance in order to keep them working as efficiently as possible. That being said, here […]

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